Development of the website for the strategic, creative and digital communication agency AYONOW located in Barcelona and Olot.
Ayonow is a strategic, creative and digital agency that is guided by a solid methodological process: conceptualization, creation and execution. Its objective is to generate concepts that transmit and communicate the essence of the brands, allowing them to occupy a natural place in their environment, and we carry out this vision through unique creations in the digital ecosystem.

For this project, Ayonow entrusted us with the development of their website following the established UI/UX design. They had the vision of creating a highly visual experience, enriched with captivating animations, fluid transitions between elements and micro-interactions carefully designed to give you unique added value. Their goal was to not only offer a functional website, but also captivate users with an immersive and memorable experience.

Using the GatsbyJS development framework, known for its effectiveness in terms of SEO, and integrating JavaScript libraries such as Green Shock (a library for creating high-performance animations in browsers), we developed the project to achieve the impact that they had requested of us.