SEO & SEM Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) focuses on organic results, i.e., those that are not paid. On the other hand, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) allows for creating marketing campaigns through pay-per-click advertising on the most common search engines. There are many SEO factors that can affect a website's ranking in search engines, but one is gaining special relevance among them: Web Performance Optimization (WPO), where we conduct a thorough performance optimization with unbeatable results, achieving a 100/100 on PageSpeed.

WPO - Web Performance Optimization

We optimize the performance, speed, and efficiency of the website, which in turn improves the user experience. This has a direct impact on search engine rankings. To achieve this, we use various techniques such as image optimization, file minification, resource compression, code optimization, caching, etc.

GatsbyJS - Static Site Generation

Through the GatsbyJS development framework, we generate a website as if it were a static site but with a dynamic database foundation, and Google loves this. This means that the information is deployed at the moment Google crawls a URL, and there is no friction or problem for reading and crawling that code. This is crucial as it addresses the main SEO problem between Google and serverless projects.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to analyze traffic and user behavior on your website. It provides detailed data on visitors, traffic sources, site interactions, and other aspects to understand performance and improve the user experience.

Search Console

We use Search Console to monitor and optimize your website's presence in Google search results. It offers information on how Google indexes the site, detects crawling issues, displays search queries, and suggests improvements to increase visibility in search results.